Our Story

Complete Impound & Recovery was opened with the sole intention to handle Private Property Towing Enforcement. Our Focus is on providing fast and reliable service to our customers in need.

Our company is staffed with people who understand the importance of dependability and quality service. Our dedication to customer services will exceed all of your expectations.

Our Staff

First off, we have an amazing staff and we love them!

All employees are put through an intense hiring process which includes an extensive background and drivers license check along with a drug screening. Employees are uniformed, clean cut and very professional at all times.

Complete Impound & Recovery employees are constantly trained to always be prepared for any towing situation that may arise.



Complete Impound & Recovery is dedicated to providing high-quality services to the Columbus area. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.


We follow the laws provided in Ohio Revised Code 4513.601. This law regulates pricing, signage and contract requirements in Ohio.

Our towing enforcement helps you and your tenants or patrons by keeping the property looking nice, free, and clear of unwanted or abandoned vehicles.

Common Problems

  • Inoperable Vehicles

  • Wrecked Vehicles

  • No Parking Permit

  • No Parking / Fire Zones

  • Commercial Vehicles

  • Vehicles Parked in Two Spaces


Types of Enforcement

Full Patrol
Our drivers will randomly patrol your property day and night, enforcing the rules and regulations you set forth.

Limited Patrol
If you prefer us to patrol your property only on a set day or time, Limited Patrol would be ideal for you.

Request Only
The only time we can come onto your property is when you or an authorized agent calls our company to remove a vehicle.


Products used to legally enforce Towing in Ohio.

We sell the following products:

  • Parking Signs

  • Parking Permits

  • Violation Stickers

  • Asphalt Stencils

  • Sign Posts

  • Parking Blocks

  • Parking Lot Stripping Supplies

  • And much more...


Simply input your vehicle's license plate into our online search tool to see if we have towed your vehicle. If you don't know your license plate number, you will have to call us and we can search for you. You must call us for any outstanding towing fees.




1370 Emig Rd, Columbus, OH 43223, USA

Phone: (614) 276-8500

Fax: (614) 272-1848



Let us help you keep your property looking clean.

Phone: (614) 276-8500

Fax: (614) 272-1848

1370 Emig Rd, Columbus, OH 43223, USA

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